Saturday, April 15, 2017

The perfection in ArmySpousing..

Not that I am still looking for my charger really...what excuse do i have this time? Bianca. Yes Bianca! Story for another day (soon hopefully)

I recently saw a meme in which a daughter was asking her mother whether there is such thing as a perfect man. "Of course, dear. They're called Soldiers," responded her mother.
Perfect literally means to be completely free from faults
If only the daughter had asked her mother to 'throw more light' or if only i could have a mini conversation with this mother. Just to share into her perspective.

I do not know if I've had harsh life experiences or that mother was only being a mother...tooth fairy or Santa Claus kinda tales but a perfect spouse does not exist; nor does the perfect boss, nor the perfect friend. We could avoid a lot of disappointments by simply understanding that no matter how much you love people, no matter how much they love you, at some point, they won’t live up to your expectations.

Lucky for me (yes) I am an army wife I can relate a little with this perfection. A little because we have only been together with my Soldier 7years and counting. Secondly, a little because through this journey, I have had to put on my big girl panties A LOT; The Army is his first wife. The sooner you learn, digest and accept that, the better for you, your soldier, the children and the entire household. By the way, it doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. 

You have got to be okay with parenting alone for the most part. You have to find an answer for everything, or at least know where to find one, that amount of stress is indescribable.

You have got to be okay with your Soldier missing almost all the special stuff; birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or wait for it...the birth of your baby. Lately, most mornings after a bath, I struggle running lotion over the lower parts of my body...then I silently wonder if in 'normal' marriages, husbands readily help out their expecting wives with such little yet huge gestures. 

You got to be okay with killing all the spiders, humongous roaches, checking out every weird sound in the wake of the night, attending village meetings by yourself....must have mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, painters, welders etc contacts but in most cases you become a star at all these in DIY (cost cutting)

You got to be okay with the perfection that will make you forget the previous hustle, 'f' the butterflies, and feel the whole zoo when your soldier is finally home.
I bet those moments right there, are exactly what that mother was referring to. They're truly perfect.

But as they say, time flies past so fast when you're having fun....before you know it, your Soldier is off again following his dreams which makes this solo hustle an immense honor!